How to play

Everything you need to play the game is included in your digitally downloadable murder mystery party pack.



Individual player packs

Inspector’s voice files 

Inspector’s pack (if you decide to have a person playing the inspector rather than using the voice files during your game)


Firstly you need to invite your guests. Decide which of your friends you’d like to assign each character and fill out the invites accordingly. You can either print them out and post them or save paper and send them via email. 

Once your guests have RSVP’d you need to send them their individual character packs. The packs contain instructions, character profiles, opening statements, scripts, questions and answers, and concluding statements that are unique to their character.

Again you have the options to print the packs or email them. The games work just as well when reading from a phone/tablet and it’s better for the environment.

We’ve designed them so that they’re easy to follow. The guests should read the instructions and their character profiles in advance of playing the game as this will help them get into character, but they should hold off reading any further so that no surprises are ruined.

The Inspector pack we’ve included is only needed if you decide on having an extra guest to play the Inspector rather than using the voice files at the appropriate moments to help move the game along. If you do choose to have someone play the Inspector, then send them the pack. Again, they should read the instructions and character profile and hold off reading further until the game is in full swing.


All of our games can be adapted to play in a real party setting or virtually.


If you’re gathering all of your friends together to play the game, you might want to host it around a dinner party or have drinks and nibbles on offer.

If hosting a dinner party, you might want to play a round after each course, but it is completely up to you.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your guests are comfortable and that they have their packs with them (either printed or on phones/tablets). You might want to give each guest a notepad and pen to make notes during the game and make sure there are electric points and chargers available just in case anybody’s phones/tablets die and they can’t read their scripts.

Game length will vary depending on how you choose to play.


It may not be easy to assemble all your guests in one place, so there is the option to play virtually.

For this you will need to use a virtual meeting app or software. Personally we find Zoom works well, but there are lots of options out there, just make sure all of your guests have the same one installed and are familiar with how it works before you start your party.

Our games are designed to run face to face, so just arrange one big meeting room and make sure everyone has their camera and microphone turned on.

We recommend if you are hosting that you really get to know the ins and outs of your chosen software ahead of the game to ensure it all runs smoothly. For instance, if you do decide on using Zoom, you have to upgrade your subscription if your meeting is over 40 minutes, so do check out the terms and conditions whichever you decide to use.


Now that you’ve got your guests assembled, whether virtually or in real life, it’s time to start your murder mystery party! Give your guests time to read their character information, if they haven’t already, so they’re ready to slip into character. Encourage them to bring their character to life with accents, costumes or props. You could even hand out a prize for the best character!

Remember to instruct your guests not to go past the “stop sign” at the end of each round until you tell them to move forward.


The game begins with the Inspector’s announcement that a terrible murder has been commited! Each player at your party is a potential suspect, and their goal is to work out which of them is the murderer. Play the first voice file (or use the Inspector’s script).


After the Inspector’s speech, each player should use their packs to introduce their characters to the rest of the group. The order of speaking is marked clearly in each pack. Once they have introduced themselves, they should move on to the dialogue. After this, there is a guided question and answer section where your guests will have the chance to interrogate each other about the crime.   

Encourage your guests to listen closely and to jot down any clues they pick up along the way.


The Inspector has fresh information to move the game forward. Play the second voice file (or use the Inspector’s script).

The guests will then move on to the second scripted dialogue in their pack. After reading this, they will again be taken through a guided question and answer session. There will always be a clear order of speaking. By this stage, your guests should either have a hunch about the murderer’s identity, or be confused by all the red herrings thrown their way! 

It’s now time for the Inspector’s third speech. Play the third voice file (or use the Inspector’s script).


The guests should then move on to their third and final scripted dialogue. After this, there will be a final question and answer section. 


The players will then have the chance to protest their innocence by reading out their concluding statements. Again, the order of speaking is marked clearly in their packs. By now, the guests should be pretty clear who the murderer is. It’s time to follow their hunches and point the finger at the culprit. But are they right?

After everyone has had the chance to guess the identity of the murderer, the Inspector will conclude the game by revealing who the murderer is. Play the final voice file (or use the Inspector’s script).

The murderer has some final words to say, bringing your murder mystery party to a close. This doesn’t mean that the fun needs to stop, however! Whether your party is virtual or in person, there’s no time limit.